Quality Policy

Lusorede’s Quality Policy is designed to guarantee stakeholders’ needs are identified, meet and exceeded, so that the company can reach performance excellence. The principles underlying Lusorede’s Quality Policy are the following:

To ensure each employee is continuously involved in the company’s Quality Management System;

To provide all employees with the conditions to gain the knowledge and obtain the tools required to achieve the objectives of the Quality System; promoting training, team work and good working environment;

To continuously improve the capacity and accountability of each employee to accomplish the purposes and objectives of Lusorede;

To fulfill the needs and expectations of Lusorede’s partners and clients, by valuing their level of trust towards the company, meeting their requirements and fostering their loyalty;

To promote communication across Lusorede’s stakeholders;

To continuously improve the processes involved in the provision of services and the commercialization of equipment, ensuring the company is aware of the market’s demand and evolution;

To meet the requirements defined by Norma ISO 9001 and to continuously improve the company’s Quality Management System;

To act in compliance with the obligations defined by the Portuguese legislation in Geral, Qualidade, Segurança, Higiene e Saúde no Trabalho, ensuring improved service delivery;

To improve the company’s profitability, by promoting the optimization of resources and competencies.

The Top Management team guarantees that the Quality Policy has been made available, communicated and understood by all the parties concerned.

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